‘Portuguese’ Firm agrees to part with ‘Santos’

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Portuguese football association Officially announced that he has parted ways with national team head coach Fernando Santos after eight years

in charge. The first in history after beating France in the final and winning Euro 2016.

Three years later, the former Greece national team boss also led Portugal to another UEFA Nations League title. Qatar was eliminated in the quarter-finals after losing 1-0 to Morocco. Ready to confirm that there is no idea about resigning from the position last thursday night Portuguese football association issued a statement saying

“The Portuguese Football Association and Fernando Santos have agreed to end the successful streak that started in 2014. At the World Cup final in Qatar, the federation and Santos both thought it was the right time for the start of a new era. The UFABET report

For over 8 years of work and we believe that we represent the Portuguese people. Everyone in saying this thank you as well. Now the association will start the process for choosing a new national team manager

Santos deposited the statistics of Portugal in total 109 games, 67 wins, 23 draws, 19 losses, the win rate is about 61 percent for Santos representatives, according to the media, including Jose Mourinho, Lille’s Paulo Fonseca and Sergio Conceicao from Porto.