Palercheer Arsenal Grab Twin Pack ‘Amrabat, Unahi’ fills the middle

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Ray Parlor has urged Arsenal to sign Sofiane Amrabat and Azzedine Unahi, the key duo that guided Morocco to the World Cup semi-finals

. Show the form that impresses many people after paving the way to meet France in the semi-finals. Before the 2-0 defeat, despite playing well

, Walid Regraki’s team still had a number of talented players, such as Acrav Hakimi and Hakim Ziyech, but there were stars. Also emerging at the World Cup,

Amrabat and Unahi have both impressed in Morocco’s midfield and Parlor is eager to sign the duo to Arsenal. Nol:

Una Hee, number 8, his class is completely different. Should I bring him to Arsenal? Of course!” said Parlor. The UFABET report

‘Amrabat, he’s a player, too. If I was Arsenal I’d be looking at him. Central midfield, he can get his foot in. A very good player.’

Parlour finished by saying: ‘Morocco were very good. The way they pass the ball and move, they were excellent.’

“With performances like that and what I’ve seen of him in this tournament, he’s not afraid of the big games, probably the biggest for his country to date

. Comfortable, always trying to turn around and find a way to pass the ball behind full-backs

. Central midfield, he can tackle. He ‘s a very good


. Interest from a number of clubs, including Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur