5 ways to relieve sleepiness during the day School-age edition

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5 ways to relieve sleepiness during the day School-age edition.

Anxiety is a great harassment, isn’t it? When studying or thinking about work, if suddenly sleepy comes up here I lost my temper. good solution and anyone It is often said. That Sleep faster But for people. Who have projects to do or have work that they rush to do. They probably can’t sleep early. So, according to โปรโมชั่น ufabet let’s look at ways to relieve sleepiness. so that we can continue to work effectively together

1. Let’s stretch our muscles a little.

If you start to feel sleepy Try getting up from your desk, walking around, stretching, and stretching a bit. maybe go talk to friends or going to the bathroom whatever Just let me move around a bit. to stimulate the body Better than sitting still Then continue to worry, probably won’t get a job for sure. But don’t get up for so long that your boss is looking at the hammer. Get up every few hours and take a few minutes to stretch.

2. Listen to upbeat music.

If we become sleepy and continue to sit and work like that, we will only suffer. Find a comfortable pair of headphones. Along with music that has a fun, lively rhythm or favorite song, listening to it helps a lot. Because the frequency will stimulate our senses to be more alert. It’s good at dispelling anxiety. But if anyone works Or read a book that requires high concentration. You may choose to listen to music periodically. To stimulate the body to wake up periodically.

3. Drink lots of water.

Water really plays an important role in our lives. Here, drinking a lot of water Can help relieve sleepiness. Because water helps the body to be more refreshed and energetic. Our bodies are over 70% water. If dehydration occurs, It will also result in increased fatigue. Anyone who is extremely sleepy, having tea or coffee will not disobey faith. But it’s better not to drink often.

4. Eating sweet and sour fruits is not bad.

Sweet and sour fruits like oranges, pineapples, mangoes, gooseberries, etc. Should be easy to buy. I see them for sale almost everywhere. If you feel sleepy, Try going down and buying something to eat. It helps to get rid of sleepiness very well. Fresh, bright eyes, plus deliciousness. At this point, we’re ready to continue working.

5. Take a short nap.

What should I do if I’m sleepy? Go to sleep. It may sound annoying. But it’s true. Here we would like to use the word “nap.” There is research that Taking a nap for 10-15 minutes gives your body and brain a little rest. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and your brain very clear. If you’re reading at home, that’s fine. But if you study in the room Sitting and working in the office This point may have to be skip.