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5 herbs to help reduce “body odor”

Our home is a hot and humid city. which is also a factor That causes many people to have body odor because body odor is caused by the accumulation of bacteria from sweat, from germs, fungi on the skin and clothes, plus the hot weather and humidity in the

Thai fruits are used as medicines.

Thai fruits are more useful than you think. Professor Netnapis Thananiwetkul from the Institute of Nutrition Research Mahidol University explains that vitamins and minerals that our body receives from eating fruits every day. is like a lubricant that makes engines or processes of the body can function normally In addition,

Nutrients that the body needs in a day.

Nutrition is an important part of our daily lives. Because these nutrients provide the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. The human body needs a variety of nutrients. including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. carbohydrate Carbohydrates are essential nutrients that

“Hand dermatitis”, a hit of working age from touching

The Institute of Skin Diseases, Department of Medical Services, reveals that people who have occupations where their hands come into contact with water regularly People. Who have had atopic dermatitis in childhood Risk of skin disease on the hands Caused by chemicals or substances that cause irritation Suggest ways

4 false beliefs About nutrition for school-age children

4 false beliefs About nutrition for school-age children School-age children between the ages of 6-12 years are preparing to enter a period of physical, emotional, social, intellectual and mental growth. Therefore, care must be taken that is appropriate for their age. In addition to taking

4 vaccines adults should inject to prevent disease

4 vaccines adults should inject to prevent disease Although adults have stronger immunity than children. But for some diseases. Even though we were vaccinated. When we were children Immune vaccines adults levels gradually returned. Reduce to the point that it is no longer sufficient for disease prevention.  In addition,